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Muikeat mystikot

Totally real and legit frequently asked questions

Q: Why do you stream?
A: Just for fun and giggles.

Q: Who are you for real?
A: It's hard to explain in English.

Q: Why don't you show your faces?
A: We already lost them.

Q: How do I get a girlfriend?
A: Like this:

Q: How do I get a boyfriend?
A: Not like this:

Q: Why the Earth is flat?
A: It's a depiction of a pizza.

Q: Is this the official web site of Muikot?
A: Yes.

Q: What kind of computers do you have?

Q: Who is the boss of Muikot?
A: We all are.

Q: Are you called Muikot or Muikeat mystikot?
A: Yes.

Q: Who is your biggest hero?
A: Kari Grandi gets close of being the one.

Q: When I go to the bathroom at night someone always wakes up. Do you have any advice?
A: Walk like this: . NOTICE! Danger! You might find a girlfriend!

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